What is The Current Price of Green Diesel in Ireland?


The price of green diesel has soared over the last number of months. Every corner we turn we are listening to the same discussion. How much is tractor diesel per litre? Why has the price of green diesel went up so much this year? Is there a shortage in supply of Gas Oil?

At the end of April and start of May, we start to see a shift in our main business. The Domestic Heating Oil quietens down. The farming Industry starts to get very busy. Everybody wants to know what is the price of Green Diesel?

This year we have noticed a lot of panic in the industry around supply and price. Discussions around shortages and price hikes is causing huge fear in the farming industry. International markets are extremely volatile since the invasion on Ukraine. Further EU sanctions on Russian Oil imports for the invasion on Ukraine has caused further worry. The good news is that supply of green diesel is at normal levels for the moment.

Lambe Oil was built on Green Diesel deliveries to farms, contractors & agricultural businesses. This is still a huge part of our business today! We deliver tractor diesel or Gas Oil ( Green Diesel, Agri-Diesel) throughout Offaly, Westmeath, Laois and surrounding areas. If you would like to know the current price of Green Diesel please get in touch by calling us on 0579321000 or fill out our form and send in a request and Georgie or Fiona will get back to you.

Green Diesel Price – Lambes’s Oil (lambesoil.ie)