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Oil Tank Safety Checks
Safety Advice for checking your Oil Tank this Summer

After a long harsh Winter we are finally out the other side and enjoying the fantastic sunshine. Many of us are taking advantage of the good weather and the outdoor living, painting, cutting the grass and general upkeep of our houses and gardens. One thing that is often overlooked is your oil tank. Although these tanks have a great life expectancy these days, it is always important to inspect your oil tank for discolouration, cracks and leaks.

This is a relevant topic we have discussed before. We have been experiencing extremes in our weather with prolonged snow and sub zero temperatures to now glorious sunshine with temperatures ranging from mid to high 20’s meaning our tanks have also been exposed to these extreme temperatures. Cracks and leaks in your tank can cause serious damage to your property, possibly your neighbours property, the environment and of course your pocket!!!

Summer Oil Tank Safety Checks

What to look out for?

Apart from the obvious leaks, other things to look out for in terms of tank safety are:

  • Discolouration / bleaching from the sun can leave white marks
  • Blistering on a metal tank
  • Cracks
  • Rusting
  • unusual odour / smell

Below is a helpful little video we have shared before from OFTEC and FPS.
Should you find any issues with your oil tank it is important that you find a registered technician to carry out any work for you by visiting the OFTEC Website
The best thing to do is to have your tank checked regularly by an OFTEC registered technician as part of your annual boiler service. Your technician will advise you should you have any problems and they will recommend any changes that you may need to make.

Oil Tank Advice Video

Once you have your tank sorted the next thing you need is a top up of oil. Give Fiona a call on 0579321000 or Order Online for a competitive price!!

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