Main Distributors for Kingspan Fuel Tanks

Oil Tanks for Sale

Did you know that Lambe’s Oil is the main distributor for Kingspan Tanks across the Midlands? 

We are well known for our fuel distribution  but you may not know we also sell fuel tanks. We hold a range of tanks in stock at our forecourt in Cloncollig Industrial Estate, Tullamore ( R35 A028). In fact Lambe’s Oil are the main distributors for Kingspan Oil tanks in the Midlands.

For Domestic Home Heating Oil we stock two types of Oil Storage Tanks, the single skinned tank and the bunded oil tank.
So what’s the difference and which one should you chose?
Single skinned tanks only have one layer / skin of plastic, in which the oil is stored, whereas a bunded oil tank,  has two layers of plastic, it’s like having a tank within a tank. This offers double the protection of oil, reducing the risk of leaks and ground contamination.

Your oil usage will determine the size of the tank that you would need. Our tanks range from 900 litre tanks right up to 2,500 litres but we can order in specific to your needs. Also depending on how much space you have, we stock vertical, horizontal and even some slimline tanks.

For Agriculture / Commercial customers we also stock the Fuel Master tank for diesel storage. This tank is double skinned and comes in a range of sizes. It also comes with a pump attached for your convenience.

Contact Lambe’s Oil for more information on our oil storage tanks or visit our forecourt at Cloncollig Industrial Estate, Tullamore (R35 A028)