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Lambes Oil Calendar CompetitionNovember Rain is Falling

As I am sitting here writing this, the rain is pouring down outside. The last few days have seen temperatures fall to below freezing and albeit cold it was lovely and fresh. Then came today ….

Now don’t get me wrong, here at Lambe’s Oil we eagerly await the drop in temperature, after all this is an oil business, but I was quiet enjoying the fresh but cold Autumn days. 

Leaving the weather aside, we are eager and excited as we hope to get a delivery of our new Lambe’s Oil 2017 Calendars soon. We were inundated with the response to our Photo Competition and trying to pick 12 winners was not an easy task. Thankfully Tom from Tom O’Hanlon Photography kindly offered to give us a hand to judge. Only for him I think we could have had to come up with a few extra months for the year.

Here are some of the entries we received. As you can see yourself the standard was quiet high.

You might be asking, who won the competition? Well … that’s just something you will have to wait and see.

So getting back to the cold weather, do you need to Order Home Heating Oil? If so you will be delighted to hear that our competitions don’t just stop at the Photo Comp. All orders of Home Heating Oil delivered (and paid for) between 1st October and 31st December will be entered into a FREE Draw to WIN 1,000 Litres. So what are you waiting for, Call Fiona now on 0579321000 or order oil online!

Click here or more information on our FREE Draw.