Start Saving Now and Spread the Cost

Prepare for the months ahead!

Here we are into the middle of May and finally enjoying some good weather! Although temperatures have been dropping in the evenings, it’s dry for the most part. It has been a long winter this year and one that many are hoping is behind us. After the harsh weather we are praying that all will be forgotten with the promise of a good summer. We live in hope!!

We appreciate, the last thing that is on your mind right now is home heating oil, especially since many of you have only just turned yours off or down. However, if there is one thing that the weather of February 2018 has done, is reiterated the fact that our Winters are getting colder!! So it may be May but we are going to look at how Lambe’s Oil can help you be prepared for next Winter in terms of your heating bills.

Easy Payment Plan for Home Heating Oil

Lambe’s Oil are offering our customers a convenient way of saving for home heating oil with our Easy Payment Plan. It effectively works like a savings club, whereby you build up credit on your account on a monthly basis, spreading the cost over 12 months rather than paying in one lump sum. This credit is then used towards your next delivery of heating oil. Easy … hence the name. Here’s a little video going through the process.



  • Spread the cost over the year
  • Set an amount each month so you always know how much you have to pay
  • Direct Debit straight from your account so no admin work on your side
  • Option of 3 payment dates to coincide with when you get paid – 1st, 15th and 25th.

Sign me up!

Sounds good, how do I sign up? Simply download the Lambe’s Oil Easy Payment Plan Form, fill it out and send it back to:

Lambe’s Oil Limited,
Cloncollig Industrial Estate,
Co. Offaly.

Click here for further information on the Lambe’s Oil East Payment Plan or click on the link if you would like a little reminder of how the Beast from the East impacted us last February