Order Home Heating Oil today!

We deliver within 5km of a locality/town

Order Home Heating Oil today!

We deliver within 5km of a locality/town

About Lambe’s Oil

Lambe’s Oil has been proudly distributing home heating oil and quality fuels from our base in Tullamore, Co. Offaly for over 50 years. Founded in 1971 by P.J. (Gussie) Lambe, it remains a family-owned business. Lambe’s Oil delivers Agri Diesel, Commercial Diesel, and Bulk Petrol. We also deliver Home Heating Oil throughout Offaly, Westmeath, Laois, and some areas of Kildare.

Lambes Oil forecourt in Tullamore County Offaly

Forecourt / Petrol Station Tullamore

Since moving to Cloncollig Industrial Estate, Tullamore in 2014, Lambe’s has been supplying Petrol / Diesel, Kerosene, and Gas Oil at the pumps from our filling station. Not only do we supply ‘Top’ quality petrol/diesel to the general customer but we also have fast filling pumps to allow trucks, browsers, and tractors to fill up. This has proven to be an added benefit to the commercial customer and those with a fleet on the road. We accept all major fuel cards including DCI, Top, Texaco, and Emo Fuel Cards to name but a few. We even have our own Lambe’s Oil Fuel Card!

Home Heating Oil & Bulk Fuel Delivery

Lambe’s Oil has become the premier oil products distributor in the Irish Midlands, serving Laois, Offaly, Westmeath, and parts of Kildare. Our modern fleet is located across the midlands, you can be guaranteed your delivery within 1 working day or less. If you require an emergency delivery, just let us know and we can accommodate you.

Visit our forecourt in Cloncollig, open 6 days per week, call us on 057 93 21000, or simply place your order online!

Lambes Oil driver Enda getting ready to deliver home heating oil

Licenses and Assurances

We are proud to be recognised, licensed and accredited by all the appropriate authorities in all aspects of oil and fuel storage and delivery.

Lambes Oil UKIFDA membership number
Irish Petrol Retailers Association Logo
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Lambes Oil driver Enda entering the quantity of oil to be delivered

Order with Confidence

Every fuel oil delivery from Lambe’s Oil is monitored and recorded on our fuel management system which is independently verified and controlled. As a Lambe’s Oil Customer, you have a unique record and you can be fully satisfied that the exact volume of fuel ordered by you is actually delivered. Any questions or queries regarding the exact number of litres, location, or product type delivered can be checked with one of our Office Staff Members or directly with the independent monitoring company. The system has been tested and proven for accuracy in the courts for GPS coordinates (location), volume, product type, date and time. For over forty years, Lambe’s Oil has been working to build the confidence and trust of our customers and this latest technology further enhances this relationship. Lambe’s Oil Order with Confidence today.

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