Order Home Heating Oil today!

We deliver within 5km of a locality/town

Order Home Heating Oil today!

We deliver within 5km of a locality/town

Forecourt Lambe’s Oil

Petrol Station/Forecourt Tullamore

Just off the bypass, in one of the fastest-growing industrial estates in Tullamore, Lambe’s Oil moved our office and petrol station to our new location in Cloncollig Industrial Estate, Tullamore in 2014.

Open to the public and boasting state-of-the-art pumps and facilities, we not only sell Petrol and Diesel but also Kerosene and Gas Oil (Green Diesel).

Call in and fill up your car/van or drums of Home Heating Oil at the pumps. We supply ‘Top’ quality fuel and have fast filling pumps to allow trucks, browsers, and tractors to fill quickly.  This has proven to be an added benefit for our Commercial Customers and those with a fleet of vehicles on the road.

Our fuel pumps and deliveries from our Lorries are independently tracked and monitored to ensure quality and accuracy right down to the last drop, that’s why we say you can Order with Confidence from Lambe’s Oil.

Customer holding a Lambes Oil fuel card

Fuel Cards

We accept all major fuel cards including DCI, Top, Texaco, and Emo Fuel Cards to name but a few.

  • Lambe’s Oil
  • Top
  • Texaco
  • Emo
  • DCI
  • Others

Stock of lubricants on view at Lambes Oil Tullamore


Lambe’s Oil, carries a full range of Lubricants and multipurpose grease products from our main suppliers Top and Gem. Should you require an item that is not in stock or visible on our display, please let us know and we can order from our suppliers without delay!

Contact Lambe’s Oil for more information on our selection of lubricants.

Fuel storage tanks at Lambes Oil depot in Tullamore

Fuel Storage Tanks – Oil Tanks and Diesel Tanks

We stock a collection of premium quality fuel storage tanks including oil tanks and diesel tanks.  Our tanks are suitable for commercial, Agri, and domestic use and come in a range of capacities and sizes to suit even the smallest of spaces.

For more information on oil tanks contact Lambe’s Oil or call 057932100.

Fuel Monitoring to ensure Quality and Accuracy right down to the last drop

Lambe’s Oil – Order with Confidence!

For over fifty years, Lambe’s Oil has been working to build the confidence and trust of our customers and this latest technology further enhances this relationship.  Lambe’s Oil Order with Confidence today!

  • Every fuel oil delivery from Lambe’s Oil is monitored and recorded on our fuel management system which is independently verified and controlled.
  • As a Lambe’s Oil Customer, you have a unique record and you can be fully satisfied that the exact volume of fuel ordered by you is actually delivered.
  • Any questions or queries regarding the exact number of litres, location or product type delivered can be checked with one of our Office Staff Members or directly with the independent monitoring company.
  • The system has been tested and proven for accuracy in the courts for GPS co-ordinates (location), volume, product type, date and time.