Lambe Oil Easy Payment Plan

Would you like to make paying for your home heating oil easier? We all need to keep warm during the winter months but none of us like having to pay a lump sum at any one time.

The Lambe Oil Interest-Free payment plan has been developed for Home Heating Oil customers to enable you to spread the increased cost of paying for your home heating over the full calendar year.

The Benefits of the Easy Payment Plan

  • No large oil bills
  • Spread the cost of your home heating oil over the course of the year
  • You will pay a fixed amount each month – making your budgeting for your household easier.
  • No more writing cheques, the amount is debited from your account on a monthly basis
  • Option of three Direct Debit dates to coincide with your monthly pay

How Much Will I Pay Each Month?

We recommend a minimum of €200.00 per month. This can be adjusted to suit your needs by a phone call to Lambe Oil on 0579321000. Please Note: Your payment may need to be increased/decreased lower depending on your level of oil consumption.

Your First Delivery

Your first delivery under the Lambe Oil Easy Payment Plan must be paid in full on delivery. All payments thereafter will be debited from your bank account on your selected date.

With our Direct Debit Easy Payment Plan, you can build up credit on your account toward your next delivery of oil. You should have sufficient savings in your account to cover the value of your delivery. In the event you have not built up enough credit on your account, you can pay the balance of the order to the sales agent when ordering your fill or by debit/credit card.

So what is the Easy Payment Plan and how does it work?

Our Easy Payment Plan is a monthly payment plan that allows you to conveniently spread the costs of your home heating oil over the course of the year by paying monthly instalments by direct debit.

We will discuss your home heating oil needs with you. (This can be based on the previous year’s usage if you are already a Lambe’s Oil customer.) We can then agree to a monthly payment amount, so you know how much you need to budget for each month. Fill out the direct debit form outlining what date you would like the monthly payment to be raised. We have options for 1st, 15th or 25th of each month to correspond with the dates you get paid. Send the form back to Lambe’s Oil and we will organise the rest.

You may join the plan at any time of the year and you will receive regular statements from Lambe’s Oil so you always know how much credit you have on account. Should you decide to make an adjustment at any stage, just give us a call and we can organise this for you. It couldn’t be simpler!

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply download the Lambe’s Oil Easy Payment Plan Form, fill it out and send it back to:

Lambe’s Oil Limited,
Cloncollig Industrial Estate,
Co. Offaly.