Forget the bog Buy Oil

Buy Home Heating Oil VideoForget the bog this Summer – Buy Oil 😉

Looking out at the rain and a mere 15 degrees displaying on the Expert Electrical sign across the road from us, it’s hard to believe that last Tuesday (19th July, we have to document these dates as they don’t come along to often) the same sign was showing 31 degrees.
As you can imagine we don’t sell a lot of Home Heating Oil in 31 degree heat but we do sell a lot of green diesel to the tractors who are busy drawing in the turf from the bogs and petrol / diesel to the car loads of families gritting their teeth as they have to make the most of the fine day and go foot turf.

As most families in Ireland know, depending on which category you fall into, when the sun shines it means … Turf … or Silage!! During this time, there isn’t a packet of ham or a sliced pan left on the shelf in most shops. Don’t get me wrong we are still kept busy here in Lambe’s as we supply many farmers and agricultural related businesses around the midlands. However, it was the rush to the bogs last week that inspired our latest little video.

Hope you enjoy!


Don’t forget we sell Home Heating Oil and Green Diesel

Of course if any of you would like to order some Home Heating Oil you can call Fiona in the office on 0579321000 or click here to buy oil online. If you are heading to the bog or indeed busy working on the farm you can request a price for green diesel here!